A “lightning” French pastry

Salon du Chocolat in Paris goes hand-in-hand with the love of good French pastries! 😀

So Astotel have decided to try exclusively for you 3 of the best « éclairs » made in town! Both innovation and authenticity can be found here!


As most of the time, the origin of recipes and of their name is vague and ambiguous, and legends about it are numerous.

Even though it is still delicate to explain its name apparently born from the combination of a “lightning” success of a so delicious pastry that some swallowed it in no time, its creator and the circumstances of its creation are better known.

Indeed it is to the famous Antonin Carême (meaning Lent in French…not a really attractive name for a pastry maker) that we owe the modernisation of the recipe of the “Duchess’ bread” which will later become the “éclair” that we savour nowadays. Getting rid of the almonds in which the choux paste was previously rolled in, this paste now free of any additional component is stuffed with a chocolate or coffee pastry cream and topped with sugar icing. Here was born this mouth-watering delicacy eaten at lightning speed; the “éclair” (meaning Lightning in French)!


This specialty being French, it is obviously in the Parisian streets and at our Astotel doors that start this hunt to the best « éclair » in the French capital!


Of course a first identification of the main actors in this areas had to be undertaken. It was done thanks to the articles extracted from the Figaro (03/27/2013) and from the internet blog L’atelier des Chefs (09/20/2013). Astotel will retain only three of the top ones to get a more refined and efficient address book…but also because it would be a yearlong job to try all of them! 😉

Here is what we conclude:


♦ La pâtisserie des Rêves, is the 3rd leading,. The « éclairs » are made of top-end quality products but the choice is quite limited; only the « traditional » chocolate and coffee « éclairs » are available here! Moreover, the quantity of pastry cream is making the pastry hard to finish.

However, the whole family will be happy here since it is a real pastry shop and people not fans of “éclairs” could have a try to other very delicious delicacies! The smallers also will be spoiled here, but hush! This is a surprise…


♦ This is at L’Eclair de Génie by Christophe Adam, second in the ranking, that you will find the personal touch of the Chef who relaunched the popularity of the « éclair » in recent years (article from Le Monde, 07/05/2013). Here, your taste buds from the entrance of one of the 5 shops of the brand. Colors, display and exotic blends will give you the urge to try one of them!

Moreover, don’t miss in October during the Salon du Chocolat from the 29th of October to the 2nd of November, the Chococtober at “l’éclair de Génie”!


♦ Finally, we were like struck by lightning when coming back from the Atelier de l’Eclair, located a stone throw away from rue Montorgueil. Yes yes dear customers of our Le 123 Sébastopol and  Malte Opéra hotels, this charming street is not far away from your place of stay!! Here, it is all about this pastry! They believe in it so deeply that the even offer salted “eclairs”! From the traditional to the most creative ones, there is something for everyone in this unique place to share with your beloved ones!


Of course our opinion has not been based only on these articles already mentioned ! Nothing has more value than the personal experience and Astotel has devoted itself with great pleasure to bring its own opinion about this topic!

Yet, we recommend you to do your own opinion by following our above-mentioned culinary itinirary ! Because all in all, tasting the three of them remain the best of the solutions to get your own idea…we are talking about the top 3 after all! 😉


You will find below all the necessary elements to start your culinary journey in the Parisian streets:



1.L’Atelier de l’Eclair

Close to rue Montorgueil

Like being struck by a lightning…LOVE AT THE FIRST SIGHT !!! ♥♥♥








16 rue Bachaumont – 75002 Paris – Tous les jours jusqu’à 20h !


Contact: +33 (0)1 42 36 40 54 – contact@latelierdeleclair.fr


Website: http://www.latelierdeleclair.fr/


Price range: Between €4.50 et €6 for the classical « éclairs ».



Nearby: Also located in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris, our hotels Le 123 Sébastopol and the Malte Opéra allow to get there easily in a 10 minutes walk.


Map to get to L’Atelier de l’éclair:

destination atelier de l'eclair_map



Our opinion is based on the tasting of the following « éclairs »;


• The « éclair Tarte tatin »: our FAVOURITEone  in that shop!

• The « éclair Caramel beurre salé », second leading (it is definitely hard to make a choice here!),

• The sweet cocktail « éclair Citron meringué »,

• And the club salted of the day the « éclair Chèvre noix »



2.L’Eclair de Génie
By Christophe Adam





Addresses: several shops are available in Paris and even soon in Japan!

• La Fabrique, 32 rue Notre Dame des Victoires – 75002 Paris – Monday to Saturday until 7pm

• Lafayette Gourmet, 35 Bvd Haussmann – 75009 Paris – Monday to Saturday until 9:30pm!

• 14 rue Pavée – 75004 Paris – until 7pm during week days and until 7:30pm on week end (Sunday included !)

• 53 rue de Passy « Galerie Commerciale du Passy Plazza » – 75016 Paris – Monday to Saturday until 7:30pm

• Odéon, 13 rue de l’Ancienne Comédie – 75006 Paris – 7 days a week until 7:30pm!



Press Relationship: +33 (0)1 42 77 61 75 – margaux.ollivier@item-pr.com

Customer service: contact@leclairdegenie.com

Sales service: evenements@leclairdegenie.com


Website: http://leclairdegenie.com/


Price range: Between €5 and €7.



Nearby: Also located in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, our hotels L’Astra Opéra and Le Caumartin Opéra allow to get easily to the Lafayette Gourmet shop in a 5 minutes walk.  The shop located rue Notre Dame des Victoires in the 2nd arrondissement is also reachable by foot from the hotels Le 123 SébastopolL’Acadia Opéra and the Malte Opéra (in a 15 minutes walk maximum).


Map to get to l’Eclair de Génie-Lafayette Gourmet:

destination l'eclair de genie AACA_map

Or to get to L’Eclair de Génie – rue Notre Dame des Victoires:

destination l'eclair de genie ACMASE_map



Our opinion is based on the tasting of the following « éclairs »;


• The « éclair Vanille noix de pécan »,

• The « éclair Mi-figue mi-figue »,

• And the « éclair Passion framboise »: our FAVOURITE one is that shop !




3.La Pâtisserie des Rêves

By Philippe Conticini





Addresses: Here again, several shops are available around the city

• 93 rue du Bac – 75007 Paris – Tuesday to Saturday until 8pm and until 6pm on sunday

• 111 rue de Longchamp – 75016 Paris – Tuesday to Sunday until 7pm and Teahouse until 7pm

• 19 rue Poncelet – 75017 Paris – Tuesday to Saturday until 7:30pm and until 6pm on sunday

• Centre Commercial Parly2 – 78158 Le Chesnay – Monday to Saturday until 9pm!



• Rue du bac : 01 42 84 00 82

• Rue de Longchamp : 01 47 04 00 24

• Rue Poncelet : 01 42 67 71 79

• Centre Commercial Parly2 : 01 39 02 08 63


Site: http://www.lapatisseriedesreves.com/


Prix: €5.70 for the « éclairs » (point of interest in this article).



Nearby: All located in the 8th arrondissement, our hotels Le 123 Elysées and Le Bradford Elysées allow to get easily to the shop of the 17th arrondissement in a 20 minutes walk maximum. Finally, this same shop rue Poncelet can be easily reach in 15 minutes when coming from our hotel Astoria Opera (8th arrondissement) using the line 2 of the subway (stop to the station Ternes).


Map to get to La Pâtisserie des Rêves – rue Poncet:

destination patisserie des reves_map



Our opinion is based on the tasting of the following « éclairs » (but not exclusively here!);


• The famous « Eclair au chocolat »,

• And the « Tarte Citron meringuée  », just in order to widen the culinary horizon in that shop offering more than just « éclairs »…but also to satisfy an old addiction for this slightly acid and meringue topped delicacy 😉 And what a good idea because that one ended up as our FAVOURITE pastry selected in that shop! This is a good promise of better and more delicious discoveries to come for who may want to taste the whole shop!



To conclude, just listen to this little voice inside your head and have a try at any of the three different brands shops!

Pleasure and high quality pastries are guaranteed! 😉





Photos ©NthaSeph


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