Art in Paris: When the capital opens up to Street Art

Increasingly widespread, street art is largely democratized and Paris is not an exception. Just by strolling through hippie’s district the most arty, the more observant of you will have the chance to see the demonstration on the walls, under your feet directly on the sidewalk, on poles, in the subway… also, many collectives have created multiplying their artistic expression.

Like many other exhibitions in the capital, as usual and to well end this month dedicated to the art in the capital, enjoy one last time of our favorite and essential selection J


The Tower Paris 13, when art never dies


Once upon a time a building of the 13th district condemned to demolition. For now, there is nothing new… Excepted the presence of the Parisian gallery Itinerancy specialized in graffiti. Indeed, the gallery has launched the challenge to occupy the premises and to invite more than 100 graffiti artists from 16 different nationalities to come and express his art through all the apartments in the building. So with the support of the mayor for 1 month, Parisians and tourists have come to visit this huge gallery graffiti both ephemeral and crazy … Well, not that much, because even if the building is now closed to the public and that it will be destroyed, the works themselves, will persist. Indeed, a website was created with the support of users who have encouraged the project, and you can virtually visit the tower in every nook and cranny.


An impressive and magical work, a powerful message.

Thomas Lallier, director, will also devote a documentary broadcast in 2014 on France Ô channel.

How to get there?



Comics, recent works and modern codes


Among the many galleries and exhibitions, this is definitely our crush: The Speedy Graphito exhibition at the Polaris gallery

Here, comics, cartoons, logo and other trademarks are honored! it’s good, because after three years of absence in Paris, a new exhibition of modern works was born.

An exhibition, for sure, that will delight your children? Do not look any further, this is where you should go!


From 12 October to 21 December

How to get there?

15 rue des Arquebusiers, 75003 Paris

Phone: 01 42 72 21 27




An accessible street art


This time it is not a place to visit but a mobile application. An application allowing to reference the Parisian street art.

Indeed, it is very simple: The geolocalized application, references Street Art spots around you. For each work, a picture, a narrative of the work and its author.

But that’s not all, because you can also bring your own contribution. For instance, if you see a piece of street art is not referenced by the application, you can add it to the application.

To be downloaded quickly, and it’s free!




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