The best walks in Paris

We highlight the walk in the capital with each week two new original articles on a typical Parisian walks.

The best bars of the capital

The city of Paris is full of great places for you to celebrate your reunion in the atmosphere that suits you the most in a place each one more different than the next.

Parisian good deals

We have compiled a list of good deals to enjoy this beautiful city of Paris without breaking the bank by going to the nicest places, but often also the most expensive. You will find the best places of the capital, which will allow you to have fun and discover the charms of Paris

Discover art in Paris

Paris, the art capital. Whether the number of museums, exhibitions and galleries that it contains, but also because it is the inspiration for many artists.

Our selection to eat well in Paris

Big classical, sweet food, salt food, tasty food, mobile, funny food…Everything you can find in Paris. No one can forget that France is known for its gastronomy, so that is pretty logical that Paris abounds with great spots of food.

Sport events in Paris

Several sport events are held all year long in the French capital. We offer you the possibility to follow those events through this blog, right here.

The best of shopping

Discover the best spots where to do your shopping, the most beautiful addresses but also the less known of them.

New years's resolution

We are entering in a crucial period of the year: March is the time when all good intentions disappear. Indeed, from the month of January you are full of good will to have a healthy lifestyle, eat properly, do regularly sport or stop smoking. During the first two months of the year you are serious and imperturbable but we know that these good resolutions never last more than two months.

Christmas in Paris: The best spots to visit

Paris, tourist capital, is no exception to the rule and decorates its streets and storefronts thousand lights and Christmas balls. But not only…

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