Healthily eating in a restaurant

At the beginning of the year, the good resolutions rise but the most common is the promises to eat healthier than in previous years. The main issue is that today, especially in the French culture, cuisine takes an important place in people’s lives and the city of Paris is full of great places to have fun. Your dinners with friends, dates, business meals… everything may be made in a restaurant, but it costs money, that’s the reason why we have researched the best places for you to continue to live the same lifestyle while choosing healthier alternatives!



Rose Bakery

This Franco-British tearoom is divided into two parts: When you enter, you immediately arrive in a grocery store where you can buy takeaway products (vegetables, dishes, pastries…) and the second part is devoted to the catering. You can enjoy dishes made from fresh products like pies of the day accompanied by a plate of vegetable, organic smoked salmon, scrambled eggs. Dishes like salads are generous and the famous square quiches, pizza with thin dough, soups and risotto of the day are also excellent choices. You can also enjoy a great Sunday brunch from fresh products. The rest of the week, choose scones to accompany your organic tea or hot chocolate.


From Tuesday to Sunday from 9.00am to 6.00pm

How to get there?

46 rue des Martyrs

75009 Paris




Noglu is THE good address for conscious people to eat healthy and allergic to gluten. At the head of this restaurant, two professionals, a Japanese chef trained by the Bristol and an American pastry chef in charge of all desserts. However this restaurant dedicated to people intolerant to gluten offers a complete carte with dishes based on fresh products: grilled mackerel, Eggplant caviar, duck and rutabaga gratin, cod, risotto and soups for smaller hungers. But the mystery lies in dishes like the club sandwich that is made with gluten-free bread and for the connoisseurs; it’s a real challenge to make good bread without gluten. Challenges met with flying colours for these connoisseurs and great professionals. Finally, do not hesitate to make a lapse and taste the desserts made by the American pastry that works wonderfully, especially small jar of chocolate cream, a pavlova with exotic fruit or a caramelized pineapple cake. In the afternoon, the restaurant turns into a tearoom and on weekend, a brunch is available. You can also enjoy these gluten-free pleasures at home since Noglu offers a small grocery store where you can buy take-away products.


From Monday to Tuesday from 12.00am to 3.00 pm

On Wednesday from 12.00am to 6.00pm

On Thursday and Friday from 7.30am to 6.00pm

On Saturday from 11.00am to 3.00pm for the brunch

How to get there?

16 passage des Panoramas

75002 Paris



Merci Cantine

If you do not know the Concept Store Merci it’s time to go find out. This shop lies behind its relatively discreet façade a concept store that will make you happy. Anecdotally, Merci includes brands such as Stella McCartney or Yves Saint Laurent which waived to margins to donate it to charity and that is the case for all the products available in this uncommon store. After a tour of the shop, go and eat at the Cantine Merci that offers an alternative for healthy eating at the restaurant. You can find excellent salads with fresh vegetables and pies and the famous “Assiette Merci” composed of a steamed sea bass and thyme wheat, a fresh fruit juice or herbal tea. This cantine provides a light and healthy meal that will allow you to take a break during your shopping without spending hours sitting around a table or eat heavy meals that will encourage you to take a nap.


From Monday to Saturday from noon to 3.30pm (tearoom until 6.00pm)

How to get there?

111 boulevard Beaumarchais

75003 Paris


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