Paris at the water’s edge

A stone throw away from our Astotel hotels and from the Parisian main attractions, you can find all the possibe activities to do on the riverside at les berges de Seine (on the quays). On the opposite side of the place de la Concorde and the jardin des Tuileries, on the port de Solférino, in front of the musée d’Orsay,  enjoy :


  • Sitting on the stairs facing the Seine river to better admire Paris under the sun
  • Walking side by side with your beloved ones along the Seine river
  • Keeping in shape by taking advantage of the 9 apparatus of the « le 2,3km » sportive course available along the berges de Seine and create your own free sport program
  • Having fun, young and old alike, thanks to the recreation area including a giant blackboard, games on the floor and teepees available to celebrate your kids’ birthday
  • Attending free open-air concerts
  • Sitting around a big table on the Great Terrace to share quality time with your friends and relatives. Bring your own picnic or enjoy the meals available at the Mozza&Co street restaurant beside. You are guaranteed never to be bored tahnks to the games engraved on these big tables!




Also very appreciated by Paris’ inhabitants, the Canal Saint Martin will also allow you to:


  • Have a picnic along the water
  • Have a walk along the water or on the footbridges which were used as the set for the famous « Amélie » film.
  • But also, similarly to the Seine river or the Canal de l’Ourcq, discover Paris differently through its river cruises. Yet, at the opposite of the two latters the Canal Saint Martin includes a 2km underground passage that is possible to take thanks to the Canauxrama or Paris Canal cruises.




The public gardens also provide you with waterside activities. At the jardin des Tuileries as at the jardin du Luxembourg (garden of the French Senate), enjoy the long chairs available around the water ponds to relax and sunbathe.

Here again, young and adults can have fun around the ponds of these two parks by renting a wooden ship.

About €2 half an hour of renting or €3.30 per hour hired.




Please feel free to read our article about Paris on the gardens’ side  to find more about the more or less secret gardens of Paris to add to you “to do” list.



Finally, read also our previous article about Terraces along the river. May holidays are good excuses to enjoy your first drink/meals on a terrace 😉



Photos: Jeux sur les berges de Seine by ©Nthaseph 2015.


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