The summer holidays ends as well as Paris Plage., The docks are now cleared and therefore the traffic is easier and above all it is still sunny, in short, the perfect opportunity to go for a walk.

The banks of the Seine are very large, so very suitable for long walks through Paris like short trips made in several steps

For a route that will allow you to see almost all major French monuments along the river, the big Parisian bridges and even booksellers for collectors, let’s start our route from Bastille


Do you remember the hanging gardens? Well, let’s go there! Visit Bastille through the pelvis of the arsenal that you will allow to go directly towards the Quai de la Rappé just before the big bridge.

There, you must pass a footbridge (you can also see the lock which allows boats from the Canal Saint Martin to join the Seine).

You will now be able to walk along the right bank with a breathtaking view on the left bank.

Soon you will see the Saint Louis Island. Head to the Pont de Sully and come to your lunch break there. The Saint Louis Island in Paris is definitely cute, traditional and poetic.


After that you can choose either to join the left bank or the right bank, but I advise you to stay on the right bank a few hundred meters you will be able to see another “face” of the Louvre, walk along the Tuillerie and at this moment I recommend you to cross at the Place de la Concorde and thus reach the left bank.


Once on the left side, continue along the banks and enjoy the view of the Invalides and of course the Champs de Mars and the Eiffel Tower. You will have deserved a break on the Champs de Mars for a snack or just to relax.


Small extra, I advise you to test the walk along the Canal Saint Martin and back to the docks of the Seine. A particular architecture with this buildings and shops in rows, the multitude of locks and gardens




  • You can also go to the banks where you are staying and go randomly from east or west, and be guided by the river!
  • When you leave the Saint-Louis Island come to walk on the Pont des Arts just a few meters after. Lovers Bridge, you can enjoy a memorable view of the docks of the Seine, the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower


Start of the walk at the Promenade Plantée, avenue de Lyon, 75012 Paris.


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