Yoga, this year I do it!

“This year, I decided to play sport … At last an activity that allows me to get away from my job…” This is the kind of remark we hear quite regularly at the beginning of the year… But three months later, you can count on the fingers of one hand those who really played the game! Stress at work, back pain, leg, shoulder strain, so we really would like to practice Yoga, but we forget, we do not have the time to learn more… Anyway, we are full of excuses for not playing the game!


That’s the reason why and in order to make your work easier, I made inquiries about different types of Yoga, easy to practice, according to  your needs and expectations, and so you’ll have no excuse to say that you do not know what you need. And additionally, here is our selection of the best addresses in the capital!


THE GOOD DEAL: bring yoga into his office

As surprising as it may seem, this is a trend that thrives and is really useful: Practice one hour of Yoga a week at work.

So if you have the necessary space and you are in a company with a relax and open-minded atmosphere, do not hesitate and go there, speak it around you.

The good deal: the associations. For a single or shifting teacher, schedule a slot and enjoy every week of a course within your workplace. No more hierarchy, everyone is on his carpet and relax!


The association Yogamania



The more classic, the less demanding: the Hatha

 Whatever one may say, Yoga is a sport that really makes you work and sweat! And often, many (men) think it is a girl sport, for flexible people and others contortionists. With the Hatha, your prejudices will crumble. The most classic of the yoga acts mainly on relaxation and breathing. The watchword, the letting go without needing to know how to put his foot behind his head, I promise!



At home, there is no choice

For the lazy or at least for those who always find an excuse, a single and final solution:  bring the yoga at home. In the same way as Yoga at the office, these associations and organisations move to private individuals. Not very fond of the private lesson? Motivate your friends and organize these courses at home in small groups (2 or 3 depending on the space) and enjoy, in addition to the benefits of yoga, an evening when you’re sure to have a good time with your friends J



Free and outdoor yoga

The price upsets you? You and your accounting are not getting along so much, and depending on the month, the “sport-yoga” budget is removed… No more excuses, I found for you courses of free and outdoor yoga, for sunny days this is the best!

The terrace of Wanderlust organises every Sunday from 12.30 to 1.30pm free and open courses of Yoga! Just remember to take your carpet



32 quai d’Austerlitz

75013 Paris


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